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First Nations Documentary Project

The Arts for Development Foundation is seeking to collaborate with filmmakers in an effort to document the stories and perspectives of Native American (First Nations ) Baha'is in North America. Film and video are mediums capable of bringing powerful resources to a wide audience through narrative and storytelling.  In addition to providing a historical record, the project seeks to compile profound presentations on the Bahai Faith, the relationship between the Baha'i Faith and Native spirituality, as well as the unique stories of individuals and their journey.

The Foundation will be seeking the support of individuals through volunteering time and energy, through financial contributions to develop the films, and identifying resources and expertise in writing scripts, film making and editing, and ultimately through the contributions Native American (First Nations) Baha'is make by sharing their stories.

The Foundation will seek to distribute the video presentations through a variety of means (internet, DVD, television) in consultation with the communities that the project hopes to serve. For this project we would welcome support in a number of ways, including identifying those to be filmed, writers, media professionals and those who would consider supporting this initiative with financial donations which are tax deductible in Canada.

Examples, Samples & Resources

As we work towards developing a catalogue of existing resources and collaborate with filmmakers, media professionals and enthusiasts, we wish to highlight some of the work that has already been done in this area. If you have videos or links to similar resources please pass them along.

To contribute to this project or offer skills, contacts and resources please contact us at a4df@a4dfoundation.com and you can also join our Facebook group.

From Jack Gordon