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The Arts for Development Foundation is a registered charitable organization based in B.C., Canada and its purpose is to encourage the use of the Arts in community development.

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2009 Board of Directors

Mark Granfar - Chair

Darlene Gait - Secretary

Barb Kruger - Treasurer

Gretchen Jordan-Bastow

Geoff Cohen

Executive Manager

Dean Kalyan


The Arts for Development Foundation is an inclusive organization inspired and guided by the teachings and principles of the Baha'i Faith. From this perspective development is understood in terms of a holistic approach to human prosperity and well-being.

Rather than viewing development as a primarily material or financial endeavor the Foundation views development as an integrative process where increased levels of social complexity are matched by a heightened awareness or consciousness of the need for sustained cooperation, reciprocity, and genuine concern for the well-being of others.

The Foundation works to use artistic expression to raise funds that assist and foster initiatives, programs and projects, which emphasize the role of the arts as a principle channel for the delivery of education and the development of healthy communities.

Motivation and Philosophy

Throughout human history, the desire for prosperity and betterment has fueled individual and collective efforts to improve living standards. Unfortunately, this process has been dampened by competitive and selfish interests which has led to tremendous disparity amongst the peoples of the world.

Efforts to balance the gross inequities of the world are all too often reduced to economic formulae and modes of productivity. True development can be thought of in terms of increasing levels of complexity and in order for this to become sustainable, the complexity needs to be guided and accompanied by increasing levels of consciousness. Education provides access to insights that will help foster individual happiness and social harmony and the arts provide a valuable mechanism for realizing this education. The role of the arts in releasing human potential is a central element to the philosophy of the Foundation.

Art is perhaps the most universally accessible expression; it surpasses all human-made limitations and boundaries, it touches the human soul and influences imagination. It serves at once, as a mirror to our inner realities and a model for our thoughts. Education without art is like a body without life. This belief motivates the work of the Arts for Development Foundation.

Goals and Activities

The Foundation engages in a wide range of activities to fulfill its vision, including:

  1. Establishing a global network for collaboration among the artistic and development communities

  2. Building partnerships between funding agencies and development projects that incorporate the arts

  3. Holding and hosting artistic events and exhibitions, which raise funds for the Foundation

  4. Establishing on-going programs which generate a stream of funds for the Foundation

  5. Providing grants and other funds to programs and initiatives which support the vision of the Foundation

  6. Recognizing and rewarding those initiatives that use the arts in development

  7. Conducting consulting and training in areas related to application of the arts in development and education

  8. Holding annual meetings, conferences and associated events for the sharing of research, experiences and insights in the application of the arts to development and education

  9. Seeking opportunities to collaborate with like-minded organizations

  10. Using the Foundation's website as its essential tool in sharing stories on using the arts in development, links to like-minded organizations, educational source on arts and development and seeking help and support with the expansion of the Foundation

  11. Employ a micro-credit system to support worthy initiatives with a commitment to sustainability. The Foundation will give priority to all forms of aid that will result in sustainable and self-sufficient initiatives, projects and organizations

Vision & Purpose

Arts for Development Foundation


1869 East Shawnigan Lake Road

Shawnigan Lake, BC. V0R 2W0